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Max Bernier:

With Western Canada Lieutenant:

Kelly Lorencz:

A little over a year ago Maxime had the foresight to appoint four Lieutenants to represent the distinct areas across Canada. I was honored to be appointed as the Western Canadian and Northern Territories Lieutenant by Maxime.  This role outside of Quebec was a unique role and one that other establishment parties have never considered…but not Maxime.
The role of the Lieutenant is one that I take very seriously and it allows me to present issues related to Western Canada and the Territories directly to the leader of the party.
Let’s face it, issues that Western Canada face are not the same as Ontario, or Atlantic Canada or even Quebec. But it does allow me to advocate for the kinds of changes needed as we move forward as a party. To have open and honest discussions with my colleagues in the East and to establish dialogue that is not only beneficial to the West but ALL Canadians. I look forward to working with Maxime and building on his statement of the PPC doing politics differently. 
Kelly Lorencz Lieutenant: Western Canada – Northern Territories
People’s Party of Canada

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