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Mass immigration seems to be one of many elephants in the room in Canada today. We should be having this discussion openly and honestly and recognize that this is not an issue of being racist but one of maintaining that Canadian identity. Canada’s immigration policy should be to economically benefit Canadians and Canada as a whole. It should not be used to forcibly change the cultural character and social fabric of our country. And it should not put excessive financial burdens on the shoulders of Canadians in the pursuit of humanitarian goals. Mass immigration increases pressure on our infrastructures, health care system, and social programs. It also inflates housing prices often placing homes out of reach for first-time home buyers. In short mass immigration, when left unchecked, hurts seniors, students, workers, and first-time home buyers.

Is immigration about truly helping people or is it about securing power in Ottawa? When you have the CPC and Liberals proposing the same numbers must wonder. We need to consider that those coming to Canada have a certain expectation and when we can not fill that expectation then we are setting these people up to fail. What are the effects of MASS immigration on crime? All these things need to be considered and discussed because it is time to have the debate.


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