Rory MacLeod

Rocky Ridge

Rory Macleod

Calgary Rocky Ridge

“Big governments make small people”.

Only if we let it! Let’s reverse this course and make it so that we have great people and small governments.

Hello! Thanks for dropping by to let me introduce myself.

I have lived in Calgary for over 30 years. When I moved here, I thought I picked Calgary, but upon reflection I see Calgary’s history of individual ruggedness and can-do spirit chose me. Calgary is where I met my beautiful wife of 25 years and was provided the opportunity to work with, and grow, independent small business. The people of this city supported me when I started my own Financial Planning company.

Now Calgary, and specifically those in the Rocky Ridge electoral district, it is my pleasure to return the favour. I want to use my personal and professional experience to help us reverse the course we have been sliding down for too long, both culturally and economically.

Having lived in the district for over 20 years I believe I understand your concerns. My love of the area and its people motivate me to work to make your life better. Only you know what “better” means, and unlike the CPC and Libs I won’t tell you, but I promise to help clear the path for you to achieve your goals.

  • As your representative, I will:
  • Advocate for you, the Rocky Ridge electoral district, Alberta and the country – in that order.
  • Support the principles of Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.
  • Reduce regulatory burdens that protect entrenched interests while essentially only providing window dressing for the cause they are purported to support.
  • Never, ever, allow government to have power to wreck our life and destroy our democratic inheritance as shown in the past year and a half.
  • Unabashedly and proudly dismantle those woke ideologues that have somehow positioned themselves on top of Mount Virtue – how our feckless leaders (CPC and Liberal) allowed this to happen is unforgivable.


It is rightly stated that the PPC is the only party that stands for what is morally right but is not popular. But those ‘popular’ ideals reflect one step thinking – left unasked is, “what harm will be caused by those “popular” ideas”. I want to hold a light to those so-called popular ideals that can only exist in the darkness. I want to provide the light that shows how short-sighted (aka vote buying) policies limiting individual freedoms not only destroy our country but also our own soul. Once illuminated, today’s “popular” ideas will fall apart and will rightly be replaced by the ideals of the PPC. And then, not only will our ideals be morally right, but they will also be popular.

Like many of you, I was a Conservative Party member that left because I became disillusioned with the party. I saw how it transformed into an entity that would say anything and pander to every group just to gain power. The CPC became a hollow shell of its past.

As Maxime watched the CPC degenerate into soullessness, he realized there needed to be another option. Maxime is the breath of fresh air necessary to clear the stale decaying air, and that includes our existing Rocky Ridge district MP. My own experience working with the Conservative party mirrors that of Maxime’s. I realized that the CPC does not protect Alberta’s interests. Their belief that the CPC is are our only choice emboldens them to readily trade our interests to gain power in Eastern Canada. Not convinced? Review the platforms and see that the Federal Conservative Party’s platform is nearly indistinguishable from the Liberals.

Now, with Maxime Bernier and the PPC we have a national party dedicated to fairness and equality. Looking at the PPC platform, it becomes evident that this is the party for those that believe in the principles of freedom, have strong moral convictions and high ethical standards. This is a pivotal time in our history, and I choose to be on the right side by running for the PPC. Please, come join the movement.

Thank you again for your interest. Your support is not only extremely appreciated; your vote for the PPC will truly make a difference.

Rory Macleod