Life in Kazakhstan

Artyom moved to Canada as a young man, escaping the Totalitarian rule of Soviet Communism

Artyom came to Canada from Kazakhstan. Until 1991 Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union. Soviet Union existed for 70 years, after which all of the republics within it got their independence. When that happened Artyom was still a child. He did not witness first hand most of the life in USSR, but he knows pretty well about it via his parents/relatives/friends. In totalitarian USSR people had virtually no rights and liberties. The all-powerful communist party leadership had control over lives of millions of people. KGB (the main security agency for the Soviet Union) always tried to find and punish anyone who disagreed with the soviet regime.

Numerous prison camps, regular prisons, psychiatric prison clinics would contain people who were considered disloyal to the USSR. In 2011 Artyom came to Canada as a student, received his degree and got a job. He witnessed the difference of life between democratic Canada and former Soviet countries. To Artyom's disappointment, in the last several years Canada started to look more and more as the totalitarian Soviet Union. We are witnessing more examples of this daily. The disappointing way the Freedom Convoy and its supporters were treated. People just wanted to protest the unfair, unpopular and un-needed mandates and bring their concerns to the "ruling class", whom started to behave similarly to the ruling classes of other totalitarian countries.

Peoples bank accounts were frozen, even if all they did - was to send 20$ to support the protests.. In Canada in the last few years a person can be put to prison for disagreeing with the government, close his bank account (thus putting his livelihood in danger), force a person to get an experimental treatment applied to him without proper consent. For far too long one of the main rights of humans in a "free and democratic" country - freedom of speech - is being trampled. Many people are afraid to voice their thoughts and opinions so they dont get prosecuted by the government. What is this but our country going down the totalitarian overtake? Artyom knows what this government path leads to, and wants to do his best not to have regular Canadian experience this.

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