Ann McCormack

- Lakeland

I was born in Calgary, Alberta and we lived for a few years in Medicine Hat growing up.  These years were the NEP years when Pierre Trudeau was in power and the effects of his energy policies were devastating.  If I remember correctly, the interest rates on our Redcliff house mortgage were near 22%.  Of course, Medicine Hat is natural-gas country.  We moved back to Calgary, where my mom, a single parent, was a teacher. I went to U of A and earned a degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science, and was placed in Vermilion, AB for my last rotation.  I worked in Vermilion for a while, met my husband, and have been married for 20 years.  Our kids are being raised on our small family farm.  The land is rented out to excellent farming neighbours and we keep just a few ducks, chickens, sheep and horses.
I’m a former level 1 boxing coach and our 2 girls enjoy the Lloydminster Boxing Club.  We are very proud of them.
My husband is a small business owner and does carpentry work, and I was able to stay home with our kids to raise them.  I do not renew my license to practice pharmacy (its just farmacy now…. yes, I’m a geek).

We are blessed with a beautiful community and dear friends.

Ann McCormack